Understanding Affordability


Written by two distinguished housing economists, this ambitious book tackles one of the most important socio-economic issues facing households today. Drawing from theoretical and empirical frameworks, the authors challenge conventional wisdoms in housing economics and policy and offer innovative recommendations to improve housing affordability.

ISBN: 9781529211856 Author: Meen, Geoffrey P. Publisher: Bristol University Press Publication Date: 7th July 2020 Imprint: Bristol University Press Cover: Paperback Dewey: 333.33823 (edition:23) Pages: 336 Language: English Readership: Professional and scholarly / Code: H Category: Subjects: , ,

For many younger and lower-income people, housing affordability continues to worsen. Based on the academic research of two distinguished housing economists – and stimulated by working with governments across the world – this wide-ranging book sets out clear theoretical and empirical frameworks to tackle one of today’s most important socio-economic issues. Housing unaffordability arises from complex forces and a prerequisite to effective policy is understanding the causes of rising house prices and rents and the interactions between housing, housing finance and the macroeconomy. The authors challenge many of the conventional wisdoms in housing policy and offer innovative recommendations to improve affordability.

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