Tiddler: The Story-Telling Fish


Every day, Tiddler is late for school, and every day he has another tall tale for his teacher. But did he really ride a seahorse? Did he really meet a mermaid? And who will believe him when he really does get captured in a net? “Picture-book perfection … It’s got laughs, drama and great rhymes.” INDEPENDENT

ISBN: 9781407170756 Author: Donaldson, Julia Publisher: Scholastic Publication Date: 7th July 2016 Imprint: Alison Green Books Cover: Paperback Dewey: 823.92 (edition:23) Pages: 32 unnumbered Language: English Edition: Reprint Readership: Pre-school / Code: A Category: Subjects: , , ,


The smallest fish can tell the tallest tales …

“Sorry I’m late, Miss. I set off really early but on the way to school I was captured by a squid. 

I wriggled and I struggled till a turtle came and rescued me.”

“Oh, no, he didn’t.”


Tiddler is a little fish with a BIG imagination!

What ever will he come up with next?

  • From the ceators of The Gruffalo, Stick Man and ZOG, which have all been made into animated films shown on BBC1
  • Zog and the Flying Doctors will be shown on BBC1 December 2020.