The Shadow on the Blind


The late Victorians had an insatiable appetite for the macabre and sensational, and this collection was very much to their taste.

ISBN: 9781840226126 Author: Galbraith, L. Publisher: Wordsworth Editions Ltd Publication Date: 10th June 2007 Imprint: Wordsworth Editions Cover: Paperback Dewey: 823.08730808 (edition:22) Pages: 256 Readership: / Code: Category: Subjects: , ,

The late Victorians had an insatiable appetite for the macabre and sensational: stories of murder and suspense, ghosts, the supernatural and the inexplicable were the stuff of life to them. The two writers in this volume well represent the last decade of the nineteenth century, and are of interest in themselves as well as for their contribution to the chilling of the Victorian spine.Mrs. Alfred Baldwin attempted as a child to contact her dead sister through a séance, and took to writing when stricken by a mysterious illness six weeks after marriage. She was also the mother of the Prime Minister, Stanley Baldwin.Lettice Galbraith is herself no less mysterious than the stories she wrote. She appeared on the literary scene in 1893, published a novel and two collections of stories in that year, a further story (‘The Blue Room’) in 1897, and then nothing more. Readers of ‘The Empty Picture Frame’, ‘The Case of Sir Nigel Otterburne’, ‘The Trainer’s Ghost’ and ‘The Seance Room’ will recognise the Victorian spirit at its fines

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