The Burger Book


More than 40 burgers, plus sides, sauces and buns to cook on or off the grill.
ISBN: 9781787133648 Author: DJ, BBQ Publisher: Quadrille Publishing Publication Date: 18th April 2019 Imprint: Quadrille Publishing Cover: Paperback Dewey: 641.84 (edition:23) Pages: 175 Language: English Readership: General - Trade / Code: K Category: Subject:
From the no 1 bestselling author DJ BBQ comes the definitive burger book. This is the only burger book you’ll ever need – the only burger book you’ll ever want! And it’s not just beef burgers – The Burger Book is packed with burger recipes covering options for fish, chicken, veggie, vegan, pork and lamb. It has buns. It has sauces. It has sides.

It has all the delicious flavours and madcap shenanigans that you’ve come to expect from DJ BBQ and his crew. So whether you want a classic, 10inch, lockjaw beef burger, or fancy trying a smoked haddock burger, beetroot burger or gravy burger (yes, the burgers are soaked in gravy!), this is the book for you.
Learn to cook these burgers like a pro, whether on the grill or back indoors, and understand the art of assembling the ultimate bun-wrapped feast.