Tadpoles Promise


Tadpole loves his friend, the caterpillar, and she loves him too. ‘Promise that you will never change,’ she says, but as the seasons pass he matures – and what has happened to his friend? As he sits on his lily pad digesting the butterfly he has just eaten, he little realizes he will never know!

ISBN: 9781842704264 Author: Willis, Jeanne Publisher: Andersen Press Publication Date: 7th April 2005 Imprint: Andersen Press Cover: Paperback Dewey: 823.914 (edition:22) Readership: Children - juvenile / Code: J Category: Subjects: , ,

Tadpole loves his rainbow friend, the caterpillar, and she tells him she loves everything about him. “Promise that you will never change,” she says. But as the seasons pass and he matures, his legs grow, and then his arms – and what happens to his beautiful rainbow friend? As he sits on his lily pad, digesting a butterfly, Tadpole little realises that now he will never know! Follow the predictable changes of a tadpole and a caterpillar to their natural conclusion in this award winning picture book.

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