Spring Manoeuvres


Douglas Low has reached the last slice of life. Recovering from a heart condition, he retires to a cottage on Holy Loch, his hope that this final bite might be a sweet one. For Edith, his invalid wife, the only wish is that new shores might bring relief from bitter, chronic pain. Douglas finds respite of his own in the form of Helen, his visiting lover. This new life, lived in the shadow of nuclear weapons, finds a gentle, clandestine rhythm. But this is complicated by the arrival of his son, an unpredictable drifter who soon ruffles military feathers.

ISBN: 9781908251435 Author: Tester, Gilmour Publisher: Vagabond Voices Publication Date: 29th May 2015 Imprint: Vagabond Voices Cover: Paperback Dewey: AF Pages: 184 Language: English Readership: / Code: Category: Subject:

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