Scottish Fairytales: Seventeen Magical Stories


Traditional Scottish tales of magic and shape-shifting in a wonderful illustrated storybook.

ISBN: 9781861478726 Author: Tester, Wilson Publisher: Armadillo Music Publication Date: 31st January 2020 Imprint: Armadillo Music Cover: Hardback Pages: 96 Language: English Readership: Children - juvenile / Code: J Category: Subject:

The fairytales of Scotland portray a world of magic and shape- shifting. Horses and foxes that turn into handsome princes, thorns that turn into woods, and a tiny stone that becomes an enormous rock – these are some of the amazing transformations that take place in this anthology. The characters in these sixteen tales, from jealous stepmothers and gruesome ghosts to chivalrous princes and beautiful princesses, are some of the most memorable in all folk literature. Read of the poor seal woman taken from the sea by a wicked farmer, of the magic black horse that could fly over mountains, and of Kate Crackernuts who married the prince of her dreams after she had cured him of his illness. Superbly illustrated throughout, this lovely anthology will delight readers of all ages.

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