Parrot In The Pepper Tree


Chris Stewart continues his account of life on a remote Spanish farm in this sequel to his biography. He also takes a look back at his previous lives, drumming with Genesis, shearing sheep in Sweden and heading off to Spain to learn flamenco guitar.

ISBN: 9780953522750 Author: Tester1, Chris Publisher: Sort Of Books Publication Date: 27th June 2002 Imprint: Sort Of Books Cover: Paperback Dewey: 946.8083092 (edition:22) Pages: 223 Language: English Readership: General - Trade / Code: K Category: Subjects: , , ,

Chris Stewart’sDRIVING OVER LEMONS told the story of his move to a remote mountain farm in Las Alpujarras – an oddball region of Spain, south of Granada. Funny, insightful and real, the book became an international bestseller.A PARROT IN A PEPPER TREE, the sequel to Lemons, follows the lives of Chris, Ana and their daughter, Chloë, as they get to grips with a misanthropic parrot who joins their home, Spanish school life, neighbours in love, their amazement at Chris appearing on the bestseller lists . . and their shock at discovering that their beloved valley is once more under threat of a dam.A Parrot in the Pepper Tree also looks back on Chris Stewart’s former life – the hard times shearing in midwinter Sweden (and driving across the frozen sea to reach island farms); his first taste of Spain, learning flamenco guitar as a 20-year old; and his illustrious music career, drumming for his schl band Genesis (sacked at 17, he never quite became Phil Collins), and then for a circus.

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