No One Here Gets Out Alive: The Biography of Jim Morrison


No One Here Gets Out Alive traces the story of Jim Morrison’s tragic and triumphant life to his sudden and mysterious death in Paris on 3rd July 1971. Today, nearly 30 years later he remains the major rock’n’roll cult hero of the sixties.

ISBN: 9780859651387 Author: Hopkins, Jerry Publisher: Plexus Publishing Ltd Publication Date: 12th April 1991 Imprint: Plexus Publishing Cover: Paperback Dewey: 782.42166092 (edition:21) Pages: 387 Readership: General - Trade / Code: K Category: Subject:

Jim Morrison singer, philosopher, poet, delinquent is here in all his complexity, the brilliant and the obsessive disciple of darkness who rejected authority and probed the bounds of reality to see what would happen . Jim Morrison was lead singer of the Doors, one of the most popular and controversial rock groups of the late sixties. Worshipped by the fans, hated by the establishment, hounded by the media, Morrison stood for all the unpredictable and forbidden excitement that youth dreamed of. No One Here Gets Out Alive strips bare the facts from the fantasies of his life and mysterious death in Paris in 1971, exposing the myth-maker who was both hailed as a poet of the counter culture and reviled as a corruptor of youth.

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