Lee Miller


ISBN: 9780953238989 Author: Tester, Muir Publisher: Farley's House and Gallery Publication Date: 31st March 2021 Imprint: Farley's House and Gallery Cover: Hardback Pages: 165 Language: English Edition: First edition Readership: General - Trade / Code: K Category: Subject:

One hundred photographs explore Lee Miller’s prolific fashion photography during World War II. 

Lee Miller “has borne the whole weight of our studio production through the most difficult period in Brogue’s history,” wrote British Vogue editor Audrey Withers in the summer of 1941. Despite this, much of Miller’s fashion photography-which dominated the pages of British Vogue during World World II-has since been forgotten or overshadowed by her subsequent war reportage. Drawn from a research base of nearly four thousand vintage negatives, this collection showcases more than one hundred stunning photographs from the war era, many of which have not been seen since they were first shot and published in the 1940s. Lee Miller’s recently transcribed appointment diaries and accompanying text by British Vogue Archives’s Robin Muir, fashion historian Amber Butchart, and Miller’s granddaughter, Ami Bouhassane, provide a wealth of new information about the artist’s prolific wartime fashion portfolio. 

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