I Slept With Joey Ramone


Mickey Leigh here tells the story of The Ramones with honesty, humour and grace. Mickey shows how Joey was able to use his music to overcome mental illness, inhabit the glam nighlife of New York and eventually co-found The Ramones.

ISBN: 9781439159750 Author: Leigh, Mickey Publisher: Touchstone Publication Date: 15th December 2010 Imprint: Touchstone Cover: Paperback Dewey: 782.42166092 (edition:22) Pages: 416 Language: English Readership: General - Trade / Code: K Category: Subject:

Fast and frenetic in their leather jackets and ripped jeans, the Ramones were hugely influential in the birth of American punk. With his signature sunglasses, mop of hair and towering height, Joey Ramone was their quirky, extraordinary lead singer. His brother, Mickey Leigh, here tells their story with honesty, humour and grace. A page-turning read and an essential chapter in music and culture today.

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