Flatmate Survival Handbook


Drowning under a pile of itemised phone bills?

Longing for the day remote control wars are a thing of the past?

Flatmates still believe in the toilet paper fairy?

Surrounded by people who don't know how to change a light bulb?

ISBN: 9780747577133 Author: Sassoon, Tanya Publisher: BLOOMSBURY PUBLISHING Publication Date: 2nd July 2007 Imprint: Bloomsbury Cover: Paperback Dewey: 646.7 (edition:22) Pages: 144 Readership: / Code: Category: Subjects: ,

Don't despair! Tanya Sassoon, bestselling author of the Boyfriend Training Kit, offers you everything you need to make the experience of flatmatedom more bearable. Learn how to cope with the most notorious flatmates - including the Dole Bludger, the Psycho and One Half of a Couple. Enforce bathroom etiquette to the letter with the aid of the Bathroom Rush Hour Planner. Find out how to make the most of your landlord - and still get your deposit back. The Two-Second Rule is explained in its entirety, and unveiled for the first time is a game guaranteed to revolutionise the dynamics of flatmatedom: Truth or Chore.

Hilarious, informative, and indispensable.

'No flatmate should be without this vital manual in this most treacherous terrain'
Colonel James Sanderson

'The modern phenomenon of group living is examined in depth and with a surprising degree of empathy'
Dr Henry Harper MSc, PhD

'The Flatmate Survival Handbookdemonstrates beautifully how, with a bit of hard work and a firm-but-fair attitude, order can be achieved in no time at all. This really is an essential item for every flatmate'
Mrs Mildred Grimshaw, housekeeper

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