Enjoy Your Symptom!


An elucidation of the fundamentals of Lacanian theory – letter, fantasy, woman, repetition, phallus, father, – with reference to popular culture and films such as ‘City Lights’, ‘Sophie’s Choice’ and ‘The Elephant Man’.

ISBN: 9780415772594 Author: Zizek, Slavoj Publisher: Routledge Publication Date: 3rd September 2007 Imprint: Routledge Cover: Paperback Dewey: 150.195 (edition:22) Pages: 280 Edition: New Edition Readership: General - Trade / Code: K Category: Subject:

The title is just the first of many startling asides, observations and insights that fill this guide to Hollywood on the Lacanian psychoanalyst’s couch.

Zizek introduces the ideas of Jacques Lacan through the medium of American film, taking his examples from over 100 years of cinema, from Charlie Chaplin to The Matrix and referencing along the way such figures as Lenin and Hegel, Michel Foucault and Jesus Christ.

Enjoy Your Symptom! is a thrilling guide to cinema and psychoanalysis from a thinker who is perhaps the last standing giant of cultural theory in the twenty-first century.

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