Dusk Society


The Dusk Society saves the world from the evil plans of its dark creatures headed by Pierceblood in this thrilling graphic novel.

ISBN: 9788190782968 Author: Williams, Sidney Publisher: Campfire (Frances Lincoln Ltd) Publication Date: 1st January 2011 Imprint: Campfire Cover: Paperback Dewey: 741.5 (edition:22) Pages: 85 Readership: Ages 5-12 / Code: B Category: Subjects: , ,

In three days the world will end. Pembleton was the most boring place in the world until Count Dracula, Doctor Frankenstein, and a whole host of terrifying monsters moved in. They are under the leadership of an evil man known as Pierceblood. The only thingstopping Pierceblood, and his creatures of darkness, from destroying the world is the Dusk Society. A secret organisation created after World War I, the Dusk Society was formed to ensure that ancient, magical weapons do not fall into the wrong hands. Now the conflict has come to small-town America and the fate of the world lies in the hands of the Dusk Society’s newest recruits. But will they be able to overcome their differences, andcombine their newly-discovered talents, to stop Pierceblood’s evil plan?

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