Directories: Southwestern Homelands


William Kittredge has spent part of every year for the past two decades in and around Arizona. He brings all his experience to bear on this wide-ranging look at the American Southwest.

ISBN: 9780792265344 Author: test1, William Publisher: National Geographic Publication Date: 1st January 2002 Imprint: National Geographic Cover: Hardback Dewey: 979 (edition:21) Pages: 176 Language: English Readership: General - Trade / Code: K Category: Subject:

For part of each of the last twenty years, much-loved essayist and fiction writer William Kittredge has ventured to the storied desert landscape of the American Southwest and immersed himself in the region’s wide-ranging wonders and idiosyncrasies. Here Kittredge brings all this experience to bear as he takes us on a rewarding tour of the territory that runs from Santa Fe to Yuma, and from the Grand Canyon on south through Phoenix and Tucson to Nogales. It is a region where urban sprawl abuts desert expanse, where Native American pueblos compete for space with agribusiness cotton plantations, and where semi-defunct mining towns slowly give way to new-age hippie gardening and crafts enclaves.

As part-time resident and full-time observer, William Kittredge acquaints us with one of the country’s most vital and perpetually evolving regions. Populated with die-hard desert rats on the banks of the Colorado, theoretical physicists in Albuquerque, Hopi mothers and their daughters, and renegade punk-rock kids sleeping in the streets, Southwestern Homelands is a book as much about the legacies of a territory’s colorful past as it is about the alternately exciting and daunting complexities of its immediate future.

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