Bow and Bromley-by-Bow


A history of Bow and Bromley-by-Bow

ISBN: 9780750947916 Author: Haines, Gary Publisher: The History Press Ltd Publication Date: 1st February 2008 Imprint: The History Press Cover: Paperback Dewey: 942.1500222 (edition:22) Pages: 127 Readership: General - Trade / Code: K Category: Subjects: ,

Bow and Bromley-by-Bow, at the heart of London’s East End, grew up around crossings over the river Lea. The area saw rapid changes from a seventeenth-century rural retreat to densely populated terraced streets, as mills were built along the river and a variety of industries developed – such as gunpowder, silk, matches and bone china. In his new book, Gary Haines brings to life the hidden history of Bow and Bromley-by-Bow, the stories behind the pubs and streets, churches and schools, as well extraordinary survivals from the past – despite massive redevelopment over the last few decades. He also describes the achievements of the Suffragettes and the Bryant & May matchgirls, who forced their bosses, through strike action, to address the problems of appalling working conditions and endemic ill-health caused by their work.

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