Blart 2


A very witty spoof take on the traditional quest story, packed with comic Monty Pythonesque episodes.

ISBN: 9780747584292 Author: Barker, Dominic Publisher: BLOOMSBURY CHILDREN'S BOOKS Publication Date: 15th January 2007 Imprint: Bloomsbury Cover: Paperback Dewey: 823.92 (edition:22) Pages: 352 Readership: Ages 5-12 / Code: B Category: Subject:

'Inventive, charming and very funny' The Observer

Just as Blart is settling down to enjoy his teenage years on a fabulous pig farm with the proceeds from saving the world, Capablanca returns - with bad news. A terrible oversight in his original world-saving research has led to accusations of no less than collusion with evil Zoltab himself. And now he is a wanted man - and so, by assocation, is Blart

To prove their innocence or else be hounded to the four corners of the earth by a bloodthirsty army, they must locate their comrades from the original quest. Together they may stand a chance of proving that Capablanca's was an innocent mistake, by finding the answer to a great mystery - what exactly did they do with Zoltab? And how could they be so careless as to forget…

And so begins another hilarious and unforgettable adventure (with pigs) and a brilliant cast of characters including newcomers Uther Slywort the merchant and sociopathic Baron Killbride.

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