Being You


Consciousness is the great unsolved mystery in our scientific understanding of the brain. Somewhere, somehow, inscribed in the brain is everything that makes you you. But how do we grasp what happens in the brain to turn mere electrical impulses into the vast range of perceptions, thoughts and emotions we feel from moment to moment? Anil Seth, one of Britain’s leading neuroscientists, charts the developments in our understanding of consciousness, revealing radical interdisciplinary breakthroughs that must transform the way we think about the self.

ISBN: 9780571337705 Author: Seth, Anil K. Publisher: Faber & Faber Publication Date: 2nd September 2021 Imprint: Faber & Faber Cover: Hardback Dewey: 153 (edition:23) Pages: 368 Language: English Readership: General - Trade / Code: K Category: Subjects: , , ,


Anil Seth’s radical new theory of consciousness challenges our understanding of perception and reality, doing for brain science what Dawkins did for evolutionary biology.

‘A brilliant beast of a book. Seth proposes to explain not just what and how we are, but why we are the way we are. Hugely inspirational.’

‘Insightful and profound. The nature of consciousness is still one of the hardest problems in science, but Anil Seth brings us closer than ever before to the answer. This a hugely important book.’

‘Anil Seth thinks clearly and sharply on one of the hardest problems of science and philosophy, cutting through weeds with a scientist’s mind and a storyteller’s skill.’

‘Seth provokes us to think about thinking . . . readable, relatable, and gripping.’
ALEX GARLAND, director of Ex Machina

‘Amazing . . . a brilliant read.’

‘An exhilarating book: a vast-ranging, phenomenal achievement that will undoubtedly become a seminal text.’ GAIA VINCE, GUARDIAN (Book of the Day)

‘Lucid, engaing.’ NEW STATESMAN
‘One of the most important books of 2021.’ FIVE BOOKS

Being You is not as simple as it sounds. Somehow, within each of our brains, billions of neurons work to create our conscious experience. How does this happen? Why do we experience life in the first person? After over twenty years researching the brain, world-renowned neuroscientist Anil Seth puts forward a radical new theory of consciousness and self. His unique theory of what it means to ‘be you’ challenges our understanding of perception and reality and it turns what you thought you knew about yourself on its head.

‘A fascinating book. A joy to read. Anil Seth explores fundamental questions about consciousness and the self from the perspective of a philosophically-informed neuroscientist. Highly recommended.’

‘Offers us new cause for astonishment and wonder . . . a must-read for anyone seeking a better understanding of the brain and how nature sculpts the human exprerience.’
ANNAKA HARRIS, author of Conscious

‘Few people are as well positioned as Anil Seth to tackle the question of consciousness. Beautifully written, crystal clear, deeply insightful.’
DAVID EAGLEMAN, Pulitzer Prize-nominated author of Livewired

‘Truly compelling.’
PROFESSOR KARL FRISTON, Universty College London

‘A wonderfully accessible and comprehensive account of how our minds capture the world, and how that makes us who we are.’
SEAN CARROLL, author of Something Deeply Hidden