From the award-winning design firm that produced Me: A Compendium comes a timely journal where activities and bright art merge to teach kids how to stay calm and develop confidence with mindful exercises and playful thought-starters.

ISBN: 9780593231807 Author: Wee, Society (author Publisher: Clarkson Potter Publication Date: 17th November 2020 Imprint: Clarkson Potter Cover: Other Pages: 64 Language: English Readership: General - Trade / Code: K Category: Subject:

Anxiety is a leading health issue among children today, and there has been a corresponding rise in use of unplugged activities and mindfulness practices to counteract it. This colourful and engaging interactive journal is full of creative prompts and activities that teach kids to experience feelings and handle tough situations while staying calm. From making a mantra, to identifying what different parts of the brain do, to breathing exercises, BE has all the tools a child needs to learn mindfulness. The journal also includes 30 connection cards to encourage unplugged conversations, and the underside of the jacket has an intricate pattern to colour.