Angelina and the Rag Doll


Angelina puts her doll, Polka, into Mrs Thimble’s second hand box at the General Store. But when she decides she wants Polka back, it seems she has already gone to one of the beginners in Miss Lilly’s ballet class. Can Angelina get Polka back?

ISBN: 9780140568905 Author: Tester1, Katharine Publisher: Penguin Books Ltd Publication Date: 6th June 2002 Imprint: Puffin Cover: Paperback Dewey: 823.914 (edition:21) Pages: 24 Language: English Readership: Pre-school / Code: A Category: Subject:

Miss Lilly asks Angelina to help with her beginners ballet class and on the way home with Alice she buys sweets at Mrs Thimble’s General Store. Mrs Thimble reminds them about her second-hand box and next day Angelina gives her old doll, Polka. She then decides she wants Polka back but finds that she’s already gone to one of Miss Lilly’s beginners. Angelina is happy that Polka has gone to a good home.

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