1871. A thwarted voyage across uncharted waters to plant the American flag at the North Pole has cast 19 survivors adrift on an ice floe off the coast of Greenland. A story of a small society of castaways, this novel explores allegiance and betrayal, the sacrifices needed for survival, and the ultimate cost of loyalty.

ISBN: 9780141024769 Author: Heighton, Steven Publisher: PENGUIN GROUP Publication Date: 30th April 2007 Imprint: Penguin Books Cover: Paperback Dewey: 813.54 (edition:22) Pages: 407 Readership: General - Trade / Code: K Category: Subject:

1871: nineteen survivors from a failed expedition drift south on an ice floe off Greenland, battling the elements, one another and themselves ?

Yet it is not the brutal cold or lack of food that worries Second Mate Roland Kruger; it is his commanding officer, Tyson, whose judgement reeks more of the bottle than of good sense. As the castaways struggle over their diminishing resources in increasingly bleak conditions, they resort to their basest instincts and turn on one another. And Kruger finds himself rival for the affections of a woman who cannot love him, while he senses a shadow falling over the rest of his life ?

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