A guide to symptom relief in advanced disease


This guide aims to help doctors and nurses solve the urgent problems they encounter on the ward or in the consulting room. This edition has been updated to include the latest in advanced disease symptom control and the text emphasizes clinical decisions in relation to each symptom. It now encompasses diseases such as AIDS, motor neurone disease and other life-threatening diseases. There are new sections on psychological problems, including breaking difficult ntes. Detailed drug information now includes a formulary. The work includes a chapter on emergencies, and discusses the management of severe pain and severe agitation. The appendices provide details on syringe drivers, drug doses, adverse effects and interactions, while management advice is set out in tables, providing easy access to practical information. Each section is accompanied by a comprehensive list of bibliographic references on the relevant subject.

ISBN: 9781898507383 Author: Tester1, Claude Publisher: Radcliffe Medical Publication Date: 1st January 1998 Imprint: Hochland and Hochland Cover: Paperback Dewey: 616.994061 (edition:21) Pages: 143 Language: English Edition: 4th edition Readership: / Code: Category: Subjects: , ,

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